Modern style living rooms

Modern Style OpenSpace Finishing, creating niches on the walls of the unused home making it an integral part of the furnishings

Corner wooden furniture with opening push-open white lacquered doors

Modern “desk” shelf with function saving and recovery-space

OpenSpace division with wooden furniture with room separator function

Wall created with a fixed Wooden and glass door with sliding door (Gemelli Door)

Brushed lacquered white supports TV furniture , with niches at day

Extending doors with sliding doors of the same model as the door

Locking niche closet with “loft” style chest of drawers, the same color as the door

Extending doors with sliding doors of the same model as the door

Customized tailpipe covers, custom colors chosen by the customer

Swarovski Personalized Door Detail

Detail Customized Chest of drawers with Swarovski


Handles with Swarosky


Bedside table and dresser in brushed lacquered oak, with cutting lines typical of the modern style

Boiserie in corridor made of day niches and counters usable as storage room

Carved mirror, MDF, lacquered

Detail of a niche made in whitewashed Oak Wardrobe composed of :

• Inserts in mosaic wenghè.
• Crystal Shelves. 
• Mirror as background.
• Top light.


Whitewashed Oak Living Room composed of:

• Armored door internally covered with White Oak panel with mosaic inserts in wenghè. 
• Bold Oak Floating Door with mosaic inserts in wenge with opaque glass with artistic design. 
• Oak arch in whitewashed Oak with mosaic inserts in wenghè.



Niche with frame in whitewashed Oak, mosaic wenge inserts

Princess Wardrobe

Ideal Wardrobe for your princess’s bedroom … !!
Composed of  :
• Side shoe. 
• Lower shelf drawer.
• Cabin with internal stick clothes hangers

Classic style living rooms

Wooden Walnut Bookcase furniture

Cherry wood furniture

Wardrobe tinted walnut three sliding doors and shaped niches

Wooden rustic furniture Solid oak with doors of various sizes

Walnut Door with divide function

With perimeter library to close a corridor and create more room inside the apartment,
A door that is part of the furniture is no longer a simple step!

Creating closure of a kitchen with artistic glass door created to customer’s design.

Brushed Ash living rooms

Oak Table

Natural Oak Oak Side Table and Oak Legs Lacquered Brushed with Engraving of a Floral Design

Living rooms composed of :

• Window and Door Window with low white lacquered wood furniture.
• Cornered mobile TV Holder with frames. 
• Boiserie created on the wall around the infissi with a cover and a bookcase framed by massive wooden capital border.

Boiserie room furniture created on the wall around the infield and led display with glass shelves illuminated by led.

Armored door entry, hanging clothes, antique mirror, capital exhibitions and matching batten

Boiserie and Bookcase with tailor-made cover with 3 doors on the top

Showcase with crystal shelves illuminated with led lights and with doors push and open

Corner Mobile TV Holder

Oak furniture

Composed of :

• Upper chest of drawers. 
• Central chest of drawers. 
• Four doors with keys.



Finishing fireplace with square shelf

Oak wardrobe walnut color, four locked doors

Cherry wood wardrobe, with disengagement

Walnut wardrobe with doors and smooth drawers

Magazines space recovers

Handmade Walnut bookcase furniture

Wooden Tables

Three-legged lounge Table with circle superior glass in modern style

Handmade tables with different types of wood

Unique Items ...

White lacquered table set with glass top

Handmade classic style lounge table

Classic style walnut table with wooden drawer

Ash coffee table with brushed lacquered legs and natural tinted top base

Inlaid walnut table made entirely by hand

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Wooden Furnishings


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