On the Right Vincenzo Verderosa   ( Founder of La Verderosa S.r.l )   in 1950

"Passion for over half a century..."

La Verderosa Srl is founded in 1964 by Vincenzo Verderosa who decides, after a long experience as a leading carpenter specializing in various local realities, to set himself up and to teach his 3 sons Rocco, Franco and Massimo the Ancient Art of woodworking . He started the company was of a modest size but was already beginning to get to know and appreciate for the high quality of the products made and the professionalism shown in following the customer.
The leap of quality takes place in 1996 when the company decides, given the great demand for their products, to move to the gates of Rome in a larger location of about 1,000 square meters.
From now on, it is decided to invest in new, state-of-the-art machinery and expand the human and collaborative staff to increase the quality of the processed product and logistics and assembly efficiency.
The company specializes in the Production of Doors and Windows in wood but can also satisfy any request for furniture whether it is Kitchen, Living Room, Wardrobes, Tables etc …
Today, the company develops on a surface of more than 1000.00 sq.m to which the Offices and Exhibition Areas are added and it has a staff of over 20 resources among specialized carpenters, engineers, geographers, architects, business consultants, tax consultants, Sellers and Employees.
The company uses the most modern and state-of-the-art CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control) that allow unlimited possibilities in woodworking.
The Carpentry La Verderosa S.r.l. Has gained over the years the most important European Certifications for their products.




" Passion and Tradition get married today with Technology and Innovation ... "

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